Custom and Aftermarket Truck and Overland Fabrication

Rig Upfitting & Installs

At Next Jump Outfitters, we upfit off-road and overland trucks, trailers, and vans for any adventure. Our expert service techs and designers work with you to outfit your rig to meet your budget and bucket list. We can help you customize your build to your specific needs.

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Auto & Boat Hand Wash

If you are doing overland and offroad adventures right, your rig will get dirty. Finding a place to clean it can be a hassle, but not anymore. We offer hand car wash detailing to clean your rig for what’s next. We also have a mobile service that cleans and details boats.

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Flatbed Installation

Turn your truck into a transformer with our custom and aftermarket truck and overland fabrication services. We outfit your rig by swapping out your OEM truck bed with a Next Jump flatbed tray system that uses a universal L-Track mount system to swap in or out whatever you need. Plus, our flatbeds are lightweight, which helps keep your vehicle from being overweight no matter how you decide to use it. Build the perfect rig for your budget and bucket list.

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Custom Power Solutions

Next Jump Outfitters is proud to partner with Victron Energy Blue Power and Bluetti Power as Tacoma, WA distributors.  We use their word-class components to build custom power solutions for boats, vans, trailers, trucks, and RVs.

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Wheels & Tires

We only offer the wheels and tires we road-test for durability and maximum utility. Tires we recommend and sell: Nitto Ridge Grappler, Toyo Open Country M/T, and Maxxis RAZR AT. And the best wheels: FUEL D716 Covert Black Grey Center, 18x9 RACELINE 953B Krank, and 18x9 RACELINE 953B Krank.

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Suspension Upgrades

Get up and get after it with a quality suspension upgrade. Outfit your truck to go anywhere with springs and shocks to upper and lower control arms to bump stops and airbags.

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Bumpers & Protection

Your truck shouldn’t just look badass; it should also feel that way. Bumpers, Sliders, and Skid-Plates are the best investments to boost the feel of your ride while also protecting it. We help fit the right bumpers for what desired adventures may require, adding additional equipment like auxiliary lighting, recovery points, and winches.

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Rig Accessories

We sell, outfit, and can track help track down whatever you need to outfit your truck or trailer: Roof Racks, Solar Panels, Propane, and Diesel Furnaces, Fridge Slides, Auxilary Fuel Tanks & Containers, Air-Lockers, Re-Gearing, Can Holders & Jerry Cans, Recovery Gear, and more.

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Rooftop Tents & Awnings

We offer a variety of vehicle awnings and roof-top tents designed for overall strength, wind resistance, and durability.  The Next Jump 270 Awning sets new benchmarks for free-standing shade awnings. One person can easily set up the awning in about 30 seconds, and the pack down is just as simple.

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Tacoma's Off-Road and Overland Shop

Next Jump Outfitters specializes in customizing vehicles for off-road adventures and overland travel. Our team of experienced mechanics and fabricators can help you build the perfect vehicle for your next outdoor trip, whether it's a weekend camping excursion or a multi-country expedition.

Through our services, like lift kit installation, suspension upgrades, tire and wheel packages, roof racks, rooftop tents, camping gear, and custom fabrication, we can help make sure your vehicle is ready for anything. We can do this for you because we manufacture and carry our own line of aluminum flatbeds, aluminum off-road flatbed trailers, and accessories, such as toolboxes, headache racks, camp kitchen slide-outs, and tie-downs.

Each of our flatbeds comes with an integrated L-track to secure your gear easily, no matter which items you choose to install. When you shop with us, you’ll know you’re getting a high-quality product because we strive for high-quality workmanship. Plus, our exceptional customer service will help you create the custom and aftermarket truck and overland fabrication vehicle of your dreams.

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3721 S Lawrence St, Tacoma, WA 98409

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