Hand Car Washing & Detailing Services for Overland Trucks, Vans, RVs and Boats in Tacoma, WA

Vehicle Wash

Next Jump Outfitters offers a comprehensive vehicle wash designed by off-road enthusiasts. We vacuum the interior, pressure wash the exterior, and hand wash the rig using Griots Garage products. We finish with interior cleaning and window cleaning.

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Boat Wash

Maintain your boat's pristine appearance with our mobile boat wash service. We come to your boathouse or slip, using top-quality Griots Garage products, known for gentle yet effective boat care. Our eco-friendly, biodegradable formulas ensure responsible cleaning. As fellow boaters, we understand your needs. Schedule your mobile boat wash today for $150 per hour, with estimates upon appointment.

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Inside and Out Wash Service

If you are doing overland and offroad adventures right, your rig will get dirty. Finding a place to clean it can be a hassle, but not anymore. We offer hand car washes to clean your rig for what's next.

  • Specialists in hand washing & detailing for oversize and overlanding trucks, vans, trailers, & RVs
  • Featuring Griot's Garage products

  • Available by appointment only

Hand washed by overland & boat pros

We are overland and boating enthusiast with years of experience cleaning up after advernutres. Our trained, insured and kind team care for your vehicle like its our own.

Best cleaning products & techniques

We are proud to feature Griot's Garage products. Aside from being our neighbor, they offer the most effective and safe products for celaning, treating, and restoring trucks, RVs, and boats.

No lines with scheduled wash times

Quit waiting in lines. Schedule washes after or before all your trips so you are always ready for what's next. Be sure to book early for seasonal treatments and restoration cleaning.

Go get dirty. We'll clean up.

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