2024 Call of the Artemis is never OVER, always LANDING

The goddess of the hunt whispers to our souls. We must go. There’s more to life.  There’s always a next adventure, a new experience to be shared. Gear up and get after it.

2024 Call of the Artemis - Where will your hunt take you?

Echoing the call of the overland realm, the goddess of the hunt stirs our spirits.

We must venture forth, for life beckons with unexplored trails and untamed terrains.

There's always another adventure, a fresh experience awaiting the shared camaraderie of the off-road community.

In 2024, the "Call of Artemis" resonates—an unending anthem of overlanding.

In the tapestry of Greek mythology, Artemis, the fearless twin of Apollo, stands as one of the most badass goddesses. Linked to the moon, wilderness, hunting, and childbirth, her name reverberates in contemporary lunar exploration through NASA's mission to return humans to the lunar surface.

Next Jump heeds the call of Artemis in 2024, embracing her passion for adventure. Inspired by her pursuit, we set our sights on the ultimate bucket list destination—the moon.

"Today, Artemis assumes the persona of an overland goddess—a symbol of the resilient spirit of a strong woman, hunter, mother, and adventurer. Unleash the go-anywhere, do-anything ethos as we traverse the rugged paths that define our journey.”

- Colleen Scott
Co-Founder, Next Jump Outfitters

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