Introducing Next Jump Outfitters

Next Jump Outfitters, based in Tacoma, Washington, outfits trucks, trailers, and boats for extreme adventure. Over the last two decades, we’ve mastered the art of the digital nomad, enabling a balance between work, exploration, raising, and educating kids. Next Jump Outfitters exists to eliminate at least 50% of the time and effort traditionally required to live a life of adventure. 

Five ways we save you time and effort

1. We outfit your rig.

2. Provide gear we have personally tested in the field that meets our brutal standards.

3. Provide curated culinary kits, camp kitchen kits, camping kits, and recipes so you don’t have to do the research.

4. Provide itineraries, education, and …

5. Expert-led expeditions so you can learn in the field.

Ready to start planning your “Next Jump?” Give us a call at (253) 301-0028 or send us an email at

Have product perfect for Next Jump?

This is just the beginning. We are busy working on developing Jump Kits of curated products designed for different expedition seekers (off-road, overland, vanlife, boaterhoming, etc). If you have a product or brand you would like us to consider, please contact us @ (253) 301-0028
Or email: