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Next Jump Outfitters Off-Road & Overland Shop, Tacoma, WA


Hours: Mon - Fri | 8am - 5pm Closed Sat & Sun

Location: 3721 S Lawrence St, Tacoma, WA 98409

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Rig Outfitting & Installs

We outfit Off-Road and Overland Vehicles, Off-Road Trailers, and Boats for extended adventures. Our experts work with you to design and build a purpose-built rig for your family, budget, and adventure.

Auto & Boat Hand Wash

Any rig that’s doing overland, off-road, or over-water adventures right will get dirty. We hand wash rigs @HQ and provide a mobile boat wash service, so be sure to take advantage of our full-service detailing services.

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Victron Energy Blue Power

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Next Jump Outfitters Off-Road & Overland Shop is Veteran Owned & Operated, & proudly based in Tacoma, WA

Next Jump Outfitters is a company founded on the belief that life is best lived through exploration, seamlessly integrating work, family, and play. We stand by the mantra "Gear Up and Jump," encouraging individuals from all walks of life to embrace new experiences without having to choose between their various roles and passions. Our community is made up of those who seek to deeply engage with life, aspiring to more than just existence. We attract people with a thirst for new adventures, believing that these experiences are essential in shaping our abilities and thinking.

In today's world, success is often measured by status and career achievements, leading many to view exploration and play as secondary pursuits. The modern-day explorer faces numerous challenges, including finding the right gear, acquiring necessary skills, building confidence, and managing time. These barriers have made play and exploration seem too daunting for many, resulting in missed opportunities and unfulfilled desires to engage with the world around them.

Next Jump Outfitters promises a future where these obstacles are halved, dedicating ourselves to making exploration, learning, and epic experiences more accessible and less time-consuming. We achieve this by working
closely with our customers to design and outfit purpose-built rigs tailored to their evolving lifestyles and adventures. From curating and testing gear, teaching skills, guiding, and building trip itineraries, to fostering a community of like-minded adventurers, we are committed to empowering individuals, families, and communities to embrace the #jumplife.

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The Artemis Collection

2024 is the Call of the Artemis - The goddess of the hunt whispers to our souls. We must go. There’s more to life. There’s always a next adventure, a new experience to be shared.

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We support all active & veteran service members.

We also support all veterans and active service members with 10% OFF discount on all our install services.

Next Jump Aluminum Fold-Out  Roof Top Tent (Sleeps 4) Flated Air-Topper Inflatable Truck Topper Flated Air Deck Wavian Fuel Jerry Can 5.3 Gallon ARB ON-BOARD TWIN HIGH PERFORMANCE 12 VOLT AIR COMPRESSOR


Road-tested accessories to customize your rig

The Next Jump flatbed platform is infinitely customizable to whatever your next adventure demands. Storage, wheels, suspension, bumpers, lighting, you make it your own.

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Overland Truck

We design, build, and outfit custom truck builds with our Aluminum Flatbed Truck Bodies designed to be affordable and infinitely customizable. We don’t have any one-trick ponies here. These flatbeds are made to do everything.


From truck to trailer or vise versa

A modular platform that’s purposefully designed so you can build the perfect rig for every jump. Our off-road and overland rig outfitting eliminates about 50% of the time and hassle associated with loading, setup, breakdown, and unloading compared to traditional vehicle-based adventure.


Overland Trailer

We have a new kind of custom trailer build that we’ve designed to be the perfect camp base and kitchen, a toy hauler, or even your next flatbed to rig your truck. It’s ready for whatever your next adventure requires.

Camp Kitchen Box - Plano Large Sportsman Trunk Black (37.2L x 18"W x 14"H) Next Jump 270 Degree Vehicle Awning Next Jump Aluminum Flatback Roof Top Tent (Sleeps 2) Next Jump Aluminum Pop-Up Roof Top Tent (Sleeps 3) Overland Pros Baja Vertical Wedge Roof Top Tent


Everything you need to make the jump

Our off-road and overland shop in Tacoma, Washington, has awnings, rooftop tents, dometic coolers, and more. Before selling anything in our store, we thoroughly road-test it for durability and usability to ensure our customers receive only superior products from us. We don’t want any part of your new build to suffer from a lack of quality, which is why we employ such a rigid testing routine. If we don’t like it, we don’t sell it.

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