Car Wash Services

    Our car wash services cater to all your vehicle's needs, offering a range of packages to suit your preferences. For the interior enthusiasts, our "Spruce it up" package ensures a pristine inside environment. Prices start at $170 for Cars/Sedans and go up to $250 for XLarge SUVs/Minivans. This comprehensive service includes shampooing on all fabric seats, carpets, and mats, blowing out dust from crevices, cleaning and dressing leather/vinyl, vacuuming the interior and trunk, and cleaning interior windows. On the other hand, if you're all about the exterior, our "At the Car Wash - yeah, yeahh, yeahhhh" package starts at $150 for Cars/Sedans and tops at $250 for XLarge SUVs/Minivans. It covers hand washing, bug removal, hand polishing/waxing, degreasing wheels and wheel wells, cleaning exterior windows, and dressing exterior rubbers. Prefer a complete makeover? Our "I want it all" package at $300 for Cars/Sedans to $415 for XLarge SUVs/Minivans includes both interior and exterior treatments, featuring a machine polish/wax, full shampoo on all fabrics, and more. Whatever your preference, we've got your car covered with our meticulous and affordable services.