Introducing Next Jump Outfitters – an overland and offroad camping platform that’s both affordable, customizable, and local

Introducing Next Jump Outfitters – an overland and offroad camping platform that’s both affordable, customizable, and local

The Overlanding flatbed-based truck and offroad trailer system, as with all products made and sold by Next Jump are designed to help eliminate the complexity and cost barriers of a life of adventure.

“Somehow along the way play has also become work. The planning, packing, setup, takedown, unloading, and clean-up of an adventurous lifestyle on top of the daily workload of a career and family has become just too much. “ –J. Scott, Founder

Next Jump is the latest business formed by Tacoma resident Jason Scott and his wife Colleen. Jason is also the CEO and founder of where he has spent over two decades delivering large projects for Fortune 1000 companies.

“No longer do people need to trade-off between staying or going. They can live their best life jumping from adventure to adventure with their family without quitting their day jobs.” –J. Scott, Founder

Jason has built a process and a modular platform that enables overlanders the ability to go more and do more with their truck or trailer rigs by applying the efficiency methods that made his project management consultancy the recognized leader in “Getting Sh*t Done” or “GSD”.

“We have curated an ecosystem to sustain this lifestyle we call “Jump Life”. Our approach eliminates about 50% of the time and hassle associated with loading, setup, breakdown, and unloading compared to traditional vehicle-based adventure.” –J. Scott, Founder

Jason and Colleen and their two kids live the “jumplife” by either boating or overlanding as far off the grid as possible. Over the last two decades, they have mastered the art of the digital nomad, finding a balance between work, exploration, raising, and educating their kids.

The Next Jump team is passionate about making T-Town the home of their shop dedicated to helping more people get out more.

“We want to enable the community, knowledge, and gear to realize the promise of location-independent, digital nomad lifestyle so that younger people and families can make the jump.” –J. Scott, Founder

Jason Scott is opening up the Next Jump Outfitters Tacoma HQ this Saturday, October 15, and an open house Saturday, October 22. The showroom and service shop are located next to Griot's Garage: 3721 S Lawrence St, Tacoma, WA 98409.

Next Jump is inviting all overland pros, weekend warriors, and families wanting to check this whole offroad camping thing and check out their new flatbed-based truck and trailer system.

“Awnings, rooftop tents, coolers… There are so many new overland products, it’s hard to know where to start. We are here to make it easy. Before we sell it, we thoroughly road-test it for durability and usability.” –J. Scott, Founder

Next Jump Outfitters only uses and sells the brands and products they have road tested and loved.

While just getting started, they have already secured partnerships with Dometic, Fuel Off-Road, Lifesaver Essential For Survival, Ready Lift, GSI Outdoors, Overland Pros, OXO, Victron Energy, Sea To Summit, Katadyn, Wavian, Expedition One, Hydro Flask, 80/20, Firestone ride-rite, Nitto, Toyo, Maxxis, Amp Research, Black Rhino, Raceline, and more.

Learn more at Next Jump Outfitters is part of the 120 Brand Community, a group of brands on a mission to transform the way people live, work and play.