Hi-Lift Off-Road Kit - Next Jump Outfitters
Hi-Lift Off-Road Kit - Next Jump Outfitters
Hi-Lift Off-Road Kit - Next Jump Outfitters

Hi-Lift Off-Road Kit

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Transform your Hi-Lift Jack into an efficient winching tool with the Hi-Lift Off-Road Kit! This kit includes all the necessary components to make winching simpler, such as a winch attachment bracket, a tensioner bracket, two grab hooks, two lengths of G40 chain, a ½” bolt and nut, and a quick release pin. Make your Hi-Lift Jack even more versatile with the Off-Road Kit!

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Transform your Hi-Lift Jack into a powerful winch with the Hi-Lift® Off-Road Kit! Shop now at NextJumpOutfitters.com and make winching easier and more efficient. This kit includes essential items such as Winch Jack Attachment Bracket, Winch Tensioner Attachment Bracket, Grab Hooks, G40 Chains, D-Ring Shackle, Tree Strap, Gloves, and Gear Bag. Keep all the winching parts within reach for your off-road adventures. Note: Additional items may be required based on your specific needs. Don't miss out on turning your Hi-Lift Jack into a versatile winching tool!



Hi-Lift Off-Road Kit

Brand Name




Included Components

1 ea. Winch Jack Attachment Bracket 1 ea. Winch Tensioner Attachment Bracket 2 ea. 3/8” Grab Hook w/ Clevis Pin 1 ea. 3/8” G40 Chain (26-link) 1 ea. 3/8” G40 Chain (15-link) 1 ea. ½” Bolt and Nut 1 ea. Quick Release Pin (Replaces cotter pin that secures Hi-Lift Jack base plate) 1 ea. 5/8” D-Ring Shackle 1 ea. 2” Nylon Tree Strap (8’ length) 1 ea. 5/16” Bolt and Nut 2 ea. 3/8” Bolt and Nut 1 pr. Hi-Lift® Gloves 1 ea. Hi-Lift® Gear Bag

Item Dimensions (LxWxH)

10.5 × 10 × 3.9 in

Item Weight

15 lb





Suggested Uses

Use with Hi-Lift Jacks


Hi-Lift Jacks


Trucks, Trailers, Vans, and RVs

Warranty Description