An overlanding social club offering everything needed to live the #jumplife — by eliminating 50% of the time and effort involved in the seamless merging of work, play and outdoor adventures. 


Choose Membership Level


Local chapter membership (within 30 miles of the club) full access and benefit to area Jump Station.  

$50 reserve your spot$100 Month 


Not in the proximity of a Jump Station, you can still be part of the community.  Get discounts, guides, and access to Stations when you are around. 

$25 reserve your spot •  $10 Month 

Membership (Spot Reservation)

Membership (Spot Reservation)

Regular price$50.00



Use of Jump Stations for overnight stays, community events and meet-ups, & coworking space

Priority status on rig and gear rentals

Priority status on pre-order waitlists

Priority status on Rig and Upfitting Work

Curated member events and experiences


10% off all purchases
15% off Next Jump Gear Rentals
15% off Jump Station Restaurant
15% off Next Jump Provisions
Up to 30% off on Pre-Order flatbed and trailer builds (Basecamp members only)


Over the next few years, we will be opening up local Jump Stations with exclusive experiences and offerings for Next Jump Members.   

The first Jump Station will be located in Tacoma, opening 2023. 

Everything needed to keep jumping–

Belong to a community you can learn and explore with

Get expert rig guidance and outfitting 

Shop road-tested, community recommended and discounted gear and accessories

Next Jump Provisions –ready pack and eat meals that slay it with foodies 

Charge up batteries, refill water and ice

Shower and run a load of laundry

Crash pad suites for day use or overnight stays

Community space for club meetups and co-working with wifi, conference room, and cozy lounge to chill

Restaurant & Pub featuring Next Jump Provisions and local craft beers and cocktails

Next Jump Outfitters Membership

A overlanding social club | Airbnb | Pub combined with an offroad upfitting shop offering everything needed to live the #jumplife—the seamless merging of work, play and outdoor adventures. 

Imagine being part of an overland community with your own clubhouse!

A place you can go to…

Relax and recharge at your own pub

Get your rig worked on and upfitted

Meet with your club members to plan Jumps

Get your rig washed, filled with fuel, water, propane & ice

Stay the night in your rig on the property

Stay the night in one of our conference lofts

Produce your social media content in one of our conference lofts

Hold board meetings in our conference room

Purchase trail-tested Overland Gear 

Rent Next Jump Overland Rigs and gear

Do laundry and get provisions

Learn where to go, what to pack, and how to solve problems on the trail

Participate in vehicle repair and upfitting clinics

Be at home with your people