Next Jump Outfitters outfits trucks and trailers to go anywhere,

We are on a mission to remove the barriers to travel and adventure lifestyle so people can experience life to its fullest.

Next Jump Outfitters is proudly based in Tacoma, WA

We are proudly based in Tacoma, Washington where we rig trucks, trailers, and boats with our efficient and modular design to keep jumping from adventure to adventure.

Next Jump Outfitters designs, engineers, and manufactures custom overland gear and solutions.

We design, engineer, and manufacture our own flatbeds, racks, and whatever it takes to make the jump.

Work hard, play hard. Or is it just all work?

If you are like us, you work hard so you can play hard. Yet somehow along the way play has also become work.  The planning, packing, setup, takedown, unloading, and clean-up on top of the daily workload of a career and family has become just too much.  

What if you could jump from adventure to adventure without all the work?

Enter Next Jump.   We are a community of off-road, overland, and boaterhoming adventurers who have discovered the freedom and fulfillment in jumping from trip to trip.  Along the way, we have unlocked the secret to sustainable adventuring without the hassle.

More than dialing in versatile rigs, packing methods, and unforgettable itineraries we have created an ecosystem to sustain this lifestyle we like to call “Jump Life”.  Our approach eliminates about 50% of the time and hassle associated with loading, setup, breakdown, and unloading compared to traditional vehicle-based adventure.  

We believe life is best lived outdoors. No longer must we have to choose between work or play, staying or going, beach or mountains. Keep jumpin’.

How does it work?


Jump Plan

Jump with confidence knowing you have the right gear and plans. Our Next Jump Guides are like concierges who help navigate the way. We work with you to turn your bucket lists into epic itineraries. 


Jump Outfit

There are people who collect gear as status symbols. Not us. We buy less so we can jump more. Our gear and rigs are expedition essentials designed to be as versatile and scalable as possible. You can modify and grow your setup as you go, without waste or costly rebuilds.


Jump Life

Get after it. Discover the freedom and fulfillment in jumping from adventure to adventure as part of the Next Jump community. With each jump you’ll learn, adapt, and be surprised at what you can accomplish.  

Trips & Itineraries

Overland newbie or pro, join us on a Next Jump Guided Jump overland or boating adventure. #JumpLife

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Upfitting & Installs

We upfit trucks, trailers, and boats for adventure. Our expert service techs and designers work with you to outfit your rig to meet your budget and bucket list.

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Gear & Accessories

We only sell what we have road tested and loved.  There's always a next adventure, and there's always that next upgrade to any overlander's rig.